Tuesday, May 15, 2007

ah, the beach

just got from the beach today. was a nice relaxing time. found some new places to eat at and help expand my waistline. started off friday night by heading down to salisbury for the show at The Monkey Barrel. got into a little bit of the Sparks and the bartender pouring a shot down my throat. the show started off well. i was going on 3rd. by this time i had a bit of a buzz and not much of a voice left. due, to playing the past few nights and not getting much sleep. well, i got up to rock out and explained to everyone that someone in cambridge jumped me in the bathroom and stole my luau attire while i was taking a leak. woops, forgot to mention that this show was a spring luau party. so, i was without my get-up. anyways, i played about 5 songs than was told that i had one song left. much to my surprise too. i wasnt too happy about this. so, i finished my 6 songs that i traveled to salisbury to play, packed up, payed the tab and hit the door. i thought it would be a good idea to leave before some words started flying.

so, we left and headed towards the sands. once there and after unloading the car, we decided to find something to eat at 1:30 in the morning. thank good for late night pizza/sub shops. ummmmm, cheesteak. actually, it wasnt that good and i cant remember the name of the place. next morning we headed out to find some more food. we found Jimmys Diner. wow, what a surprise in this little place. i ordered a cheesesteak omellette and some coffee. food came out in about 5 mins. perfect. Jimmys slogan is, "start your morning with a little sunshine". they had sun artwork all over. just perfect. we headed to rehobeth after that to check out the beach and walk on the boardwalk. not sure why, it never changes. well, it appeared that the little sunshine we wanted just wouldnt make it. it was cloudy, windy and a bit nippley while there. but, we made the best of it. nothing like an iced coffee on a cloudy, cool day at the beach.

saturday night we cruised looking for some good music. ended up at Castaways to check out Cant Hang, a baltimore band. guess what? they got food there too. no, no cheesesteak this time. just had some steamed shrimp and nachos. they werent that appealing either. well, Cant Hang started and all the young, drunk frat boys and girls started rolling in. so much amusement in watching drunk white kids trying to get down :) i couldnt hang my smile any longer past 11:30pm and had to head back. thank goodness for Meet The Parents being on continuous rerun on cable yesterday. got to watch some more of that.

sunday started off with no big surprises. just some much needed rest and some sunshine, finally. walked out to the beach, thinking it would be perfect for it. but, once again the wind almost blew us over and it was damn chilly. so, it was time to clean up and get to rolling home.

we took the long way back through deleware and enjoyed the scenery and veggie wraps at royal farms. yummy!!! twice this weekend i have driven over the bay bridge. over the exact lane and spot where 3 people were tragically killed on thursday. i wanted to send some prayers out to their families and wish them all the best. it helped me think about and realize what my friends and family mean to me. you are all very important to me. thank you for making my life what it is. i couldnt do it without you.

also, to all the mothers i know out there, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!

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